Bridges in Okaloosa County reopen after Ice Storm

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Icy conditions halted drivers Wednesday from making it over the John T. Brooks Bridge in Fort Walton Beach, and the Destin Bridge.

"We weren't prepared for it,” said Patricia Jolly, a Tampa Resident. “We didn't think it would be this cold."

Like so many places across Northwest Florida many drivers and travelers were stuck.

"It didn't put a crank in my day I just stayed at home,” said Mike Johnson, of Fort Walton Beach.

"I have been trying to leave the past 48 hours to get to North Carolina, but I can't, It's nuts. I can't get out,” said Jolly.

Many drivers ended up parking their cars in lots, walking across the bridge and having someone pick them up.

Things started a little slow Thursday.

"It isn't too bad, just a little time consuming,” stated Johnson, as he sat in his car waiting for the line to move over the Destin Bridge.

Traffic on both bridges were diverted to one lane for each side.

But by mid-morning authorities fully reopened both bridges.

Many travelers and residents say they think officials did a good job dealing with what was close to a no win situation.

"For Florida they are handling it real well,” stated Johnson.

"I think everyone is being very cautious, seeing what happened in Atlanta, I don’t blame them,” said Jolly.

The Mid-Bay Bridge also reopened Thursday afternoon.

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputies are warning drivers to remain cautious of the few remaining patches of ice on the roadways.