Broken Levee Causes Issues with Gas Supply?

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Heavy rains on July 4 also damaged a levee on the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been working to reopen the shipping channel, which has been troublesome, according to some local gas stations.

A number of gas station operators around Bay County say they've been running low, or even running out of gas, since the levee collapse shutdown the intracoastal.

The levee, near the Bay-Walton county line, gave-way during heavy rains July 3 and 4.

The Army Corps of Engineers is still cleaning-up some of the debris, and has established limited navigation through a restricted channel.

That's a relief to a number of local gas stations, that say they've had a problem getting fuel, especially premium grades.

Mot stations actually get their gas from the Chevron Gas Terminal located on beach drive in downtown Panama City.

The majority of the terminal shipments arrive on barges, which use the Intracoastal.

A Chevron spokesman says they implemented a contingency plan after the levee break, diverting supply trucks to other sites to load-up on fuel.

One of those sites is located in Niceville. Another is in Tampa, where officials are getting jet fuel.

Local terminal management says the plan was designed to minimize impact on stations and gas supply, and claims there have not been any significant supply issues due to the levee break.

But again, some stations say that really hasn't been the case.

The good news is the Army Corps reopened the Intracoastal Waterway to commercial barges as of 3:00 Thursday morning.

Barges have resumed deliveries to the Chevron Terminal for now, but there hasn't been a permanent fix.

The Army Corps says it could be November before workers can permanently repair the levee.