Buddy Money Appointed Liberty County Sheriff

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BRISTOL - Governor Rick Scott pinned Liberty County’s sheriff's badge to a permanent person. Well... sort of. "More permanent for right now," Sheriff Buddy Money said with a smile.

Money explained he would probably be badged until November of 2014, when the citizens will have the opportunity to vote and elect their own sheriff.

In June, newly elected Sheriff, Nick Finch was arrested by FDLE officers for allegedly destroying arrest records and releasing a man from jail.

Money said he was trying to restore trust in the community and order in the office.

"My first thing was to make sure they understand there will be nobody being terminated- their jobs are safe. The only thing I can say is everybody is going to be treated fairly. I've talked to the deputies and told them we need to handle ourselves in a professional manner. We do things in a way that brings respect back to the sheriff's office and that people understand they can come to the sheriff's office and their situation is going to be handled."

Rebuilding respect takes time, after all, trust is something earned, not given. But, nobody seemed to understand that better than Money.

"You always have to have trust and your citizens have to trust- whether it’s your sheriff's office or police department. If they don’t trust that then they're not going to work hand in hand with you on some situations or needs that you may have for them or they have for you. So if you don’t get past that point then you have not done your job as a sheriff or police chief."

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