Building Permits Up in Lynn Haven

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Housing numbers are looking up across the nation. According to RealtyTrac, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, California, and Georgia have the most building permits filed for single family homes this year.

Florida building permits are up and that includes the city of Lynn Haven that's experiencing a boost in its own housing economy.

Bricks, piles of wood, and cans of paint are just a few things that mean a new home is in the works.

Steve Waldman is a local builder who's built a few homes in Lynn Haven and now he's working on two more. Just last year he said that wasn't the case.

"Well last year I built one house and the demand wasn't out there to build anymore and I generally just build them as I can sell them," said Waldman.

That trend spread across Lynn Haven, but the city has seen an increase this year in building.

In 2012, 13 single family building permits were filed, compared to this year that already has 20 building permits.

"It actually means to us that things are picking up a little bit, you know, that the economy is slowly chipping away," said Mike McQuaig, the building inspector of Lynn Haven.

Something that's already visible in the Lynn Haven community with new houses going up and more on the horizon.

"I spoke with that builder earlier and another builder today and they looked to be turning in more stuff. I believe it's chipping up," said McQuaig.

It's a positive housing outlook that Waldman says has him building more houses than ever.

"I've built two in the last three years. I've already built two this year and I'm working with two to four people. I'm hoping to get them going here soon," said Waldman.

City officials say consumer confidence in the area is going up and that could mean more building permits will be filed throughout the year.