Business Owners Worry Sign Removal Will Hurt Business

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The relatively new Florida statute making signs along Highway 98 illegal on the right-of-way, claim they cause distractions and endanger the health, safety and general welfare of the public. But business owners say without them, they may become endangered.

"To take those down is one less flag that people know we're here. I think it's very important anything we can have to direct people down this way for the economy for everybody I think is very important" said Julie Brown owner of Furry Fanatics.

Others, who are new to the area, are just finding out about the changes.

"I want to attract people from 98 to let them know that we are down here doing zumba in the studio so it's just disappointing to me. Was hoping to be able to take advantage of that” said Marcia Robbins a zumba instructor.

Unless you’re specifically looking for them, the dozens of businesses located off County Road 393 and 30-A could be difficult to find.

“I understand sometimes people get a little upset if they need to be repainted or what not to me that's an easy fix but the big problem some of us have back here especially businesses located like we are in the back of gulf place, people feel are residential and may not know there is these back here” said Julie Brown.

Now many are wondering how they'll pull in business without the signs. The DOT plans to begin taking down the signs this week.