Businesses to be Demolished with 390 Expansion

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The Florida Department of Transportation is in the process of acquiring approval to six lane Highway 390.

The project, still a few years away, will significantly change the landscape surrounding the roadway.

Many might think the congestion on Highway 390 is a recent problem, but one homeowner, who lives on North Shore Road, has proof that the widening project has been a hot topic for nearly 30 years.

A headline from the Bay Beach Paper is from 1987 reads, "State Route 390 to become six lane."

"It really really needs to be widened we have been facing this issue for years," said Betty Brannon, Lynn Haven resident.

DOT officials hope to have crews working on Phase 1 of the expansion project by 2017.

Phase 1 will six lane 390 from 23rd Street to Baldwin Road.

Phase 2 will widen the highway from Baldwin Road to Jenks Avenue.

Phase 3 finishes the road from Jenks to Highway 77.

Experts say acquiring the right of way will be crucial.

"Towards the end of the year we will be talk to property along the corridor here on 3-90 to work with them about acquiring the property," said Ian Satter, FL Dept. of Transportation.

That process will claim some victims.

DOT plans to buy and demolish Applefields Express Lane gas station on the corner of 390 and 23rd Street, Rock world at the corner of 390 and Frankford Avenue, and the Storage Mart at the corner of 390 and Airport Road.

Looking ahead to Phase 2, Satter says businesses like the Mathison Retirement Center should not be effected, but others could wind up extremely close to what will be a major six lane road.

These are still preliminary plans so other businesses will most likely be affected.

Officials will be holding a public meeting in April.