Sandy Creek Residents Frustrated About Impact Fees

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Tuesday was a busy day for Bay County Commissioners who faced a number of issues.

They heard from some Sandy Creek residents who are frustrated about impact fees for water and sewer improvements.
According to residents, the city of Callaway is charging Sandy Creek property owners about ten thousand dollars in special assessments over a ten year period.
Residents say they sued the city, but lost the lawsuit.
Tuesday, they asked commissioners for help.

"One of the latest problems is that Callaway has instituted some pretty heinous fees on us and we're really hurting. We've got people with underwater mortgages that can't come up with the kind of fees that they want us to pay," said resident Mark Anderson.

Commissioner Guy Tunnell says he's been working with Callaway officials on several options.
Commissioners plan to continue discussions during their meeting on November 6th.

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