CRA Reveals First Look at Marina Renovation

Tuesday's special meeting with the Panama City CRA gave residents their first look at the proposed changes to the Panama City downtown marina.

The plans include a band shell, a pavilion and upgraded public fishing areas. But the centerpiece of the project seems to be the lighthouse.

All seem to be excited to get the project underway.

"We've got all these really neat plans," said Panama City mayor Greg Brudnicki. "Having them come into fruition, knowing that we're actually going to get out there and actually start fixing the bulkheads and making things happen on the marina, it shows progress."

Commissioners say the total cost is a small amount more than the current $13 million budget, but they say the amount is only about 1%.

"This is not unusual," said Panama City CRA director William Whitson. "To be within 1% on a $13 million project, that's no problem. We can work through that."

The surveying work has been finished and city officials say they ope to receive bids and begin work on the project by April 1st.

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