Calhoun County Female Inmates Moved

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CALHOUN COUNTY Calhoun County has a long-standing problem with housing female jail inmates. And their latest solution is moving them farther away from their current location.

Calhoun County Jail just isn’t big enough to house female inmates. For years, the county has had a deal with nearby Liberty County to take the women. But recently there have been concerns over their treatment.

"Our objective is to make sure the people in our care are taken care of properly,” said Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel.

So Calhoun County Commissioners voted unanimously to move the female inmates to the Jackson County Correctional Facility. The move answers the concerns raised by Liberty County's failure to meet the Florida Model Jail Standards.

"It requests that you have a female on duty 24 hours a day,” he said. “And that wasn't going on in liberty county jail."

Medical care was another issue.

Kimbrel said he had received calls from family members concerning proper medical care. Liberty County officials say those issues have been addressed.

"We just haven't had the funding for the positions and all that to meet those jail standards, and we worked on that since that time," said Liberty County Deputy Sheriff Brian Langston. “I believe we are where we need to be."

But Calhoun County decided to move forward with a 3-year contract with Jackson County, for $39 a day for each inmate fee.

Liberty County officials say they won't feel the loss.

"The income we get with Gulf County will fill in for the income we lost with Calhoun County," explained Langston.

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