Calhoun County Road Undergoing Emergency Repairs

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CALHOUN COUNTY Work crews are performing some emergency repairs on a major bridge in Calhoun County. The bridge is located on County Road 274.
It was severely damaged during last month's heavy rains. Without outside help, county officials feared they would have to close the roadway.

From the surface the bridge on County Road 274 in Calhoun County looks normal. But that was the furthest thing from the truth.

"The heavy rain falls have damaged the concrete box culvert to the extent that it was about to fail," said Calhoun County Director of Operations Joe Wood.

The large concrete box culvert system is located under the bridge.
Once it failed, the water caused major gully erosion, which threatened the bridge itself.

"This was a very hazardous site that we identified that needed appropriate action as soon as possible," explained NCRS Area Conservationist Jeff Norville.

Without money to do the work themselves, Calhoun county officials requested help from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The NRCS assessed the damage and approved the county for its 'Emergency Watershed Protection Program'.

"It helps us work with local counties, local sponsors that appear storm damaged and fix the erosion issues that happened above and below the road," said Norville.

Crews will grout and filling the voids, securing the roadway. Then they'll lay rip-rap rock on the banks to prevent future erosion. The county will only be responsible for 25 percent of the cost of the 100-thousand dollars project.

Crews hope to have the work finished next Wednesday.