Calhoun County Sheriff's Office Investigating Reports of Shots Fired at Cars

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It was a tense morning in Calhoun County after a passing driver traveling on Highway 167 called 911 just after 6:20 a.m. reporting the sound of bullets near his car.

Around that same time Calhoun County school bus driver Michael Morris reported a man had tried to board his bus full of students. Once he figured out the man wasn't a student himself, he refused to let him board.

"I want you to know and everyone else that we took it very seriously," said Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel.

Dozens of authorities quickly decended on the scene launching an all out manhunt for this alleged shooter.

"Sheriffs from Bay and Jackson were present, many of their personnel. Calhoun County's helicopter was flying, searching for him," Sheriff Kimbrel said.

With help from the 911 caller and Morris, investigators developed a description of a suspect that matched Christopher Kayser, 24 years old. Authorities said they found him coming out of the woods around 6 miles from where the shooting was reported.

But after further questioning and a lack of evidence, sheriff's officials released Kayser. He was never officially arrested nor charged with anything related to this incident. Now they're depending on the community to find out who caused Wednesday morning's chaos.

"I'm hoping that if anyone else heard or saw anything, I want them to contact their local law enforcement agency," Kimbrel said.

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