Callaway Chooses New City Manager

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Callaway city commissioners met Saturday in a special meeting to decide on a new city manager.

In April, Judy Whitis left her post as city manager in Callaway, soon 16 people had applied for the position and commissioners narrowed that list down to six.

Saturday afternoon, five of the six candidates appeared for interviews in front of the public--one backed out.

The candidates had a 30-minute interview session where each person was given 3 minutes to emphasize any points of their experience or resume, then were asked questions that ranged from the usage of technology to their approach to the current financial situation Callaway is facing.

City officials made the decision to offer the position to Marcus Collins.

Collins has held the position of city manager in two other cities in Florida and he says that his time at those posts had been successful in the face of economic downturn.

"I've been a city manager for two cities in the state of Florida both cities when I took over was in failure," said Collins. "6 months later we had a balanced budget...2 and a half years later when I decided to retire, we had everything paid for, city was moving forward, every department was in the black and we were banking 10,000 a month."

Commissioner plan to make a formal offer to Collins on Monday. They also decided that his starting salary would be $70,000.

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