Callaway Commission Looks at Possibly Allowing Booze at Some Events

Callaway City Commissioners are trying to allow residents the ability to get more use out of city facilities.

The commission voted Tuesday night to allow the city staff to prepare a proposal, allowing alcohol consumption at certain facilities. The general idea is to allow people to apply for a special individual event permit, allowing them to serve alcohol on certain city properties.

Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott says staff members have a lot of details to sort out, but commissioners believe it will be an overall benefit to the community. "We recognize that there are certain things like weddings where people want to toast champagne to the couple and things of that nature. We believe, if it's done right, we can do it in a responsible way and offer a service to the people that want to use our facilities."

Commissioners also discussed relaxing other restrictions against pets, skateboarding and roller-bladeing in Veterans Park. They plan to vote on both proposed ordinances at their February 12th meeting.