Callaway Continues City Budget Talks

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CALLAWAY - Callaway City Commissioners are continuing to discuss the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

During their latest budget workshop today, City Manager Michael Fuller told Commissioners he'd like to provide city workers with their first raise in six years.

On the other hand, at least one commissioner wants to restrict health insurance coverage to employees only, and eliminate the opportunity for workers to buy coverage for their dependents.

Commissioners say they still need a more organized budget proposal before make any recommendations or decisions.

Thomas Abbott, Callaway's Mayor said "Mr. Fuller made a presentation tonight, how to compensate employees. He had several options that he felt we needed to consider as bonuses. There was a motion and a second not to give any and that was voted down."

Fuller said "You've had things like the cost of living go up. You've had things like health insurance have increased, retirement's increased and that's all kinda eaten away at the employees' paychecks."

Last month commissioners approved a maximum millage rate of 3.1444.

The next budget workshop is set for August 19th at 4PM. Citizens are encouraged to attend.