Callaway Continues City Budget Talks

CALLAWAY-- Callaway is continuing to comb through its budget meetings in a effort to prepare a final draft of funds for the next fiscal year.

Their latest meeting was Tuesday night. Commissioners looked very closely at the budget draft along with the City Manager and the City's Financial Manager and other department heads.

Major topics discussed were health insurance, raises for city employees, and how to improve the city to better handle storm water. While nothing is official until the budget is approved by October 1st, the Commission is looking at giving 95% health insurance coverage to city employees and between 25% and 75% for dependents, based off the employee's salary.

Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott said, "We moved forward, closer to a budget proposal we think everybody can live with. It's a work in progress. We'll still working on it, we'll meet again Monday, but we spent 4 and a half hours today [Tuesday] and got through a lot of things."

The city will also try and finance a new study for storm water management as the available data is out of date.