Callaway Couple Face Child Sex Charges

A Callaway couple is in jail Wednesday night in connection with child sex abuse.

Amanda Gilliam is in the Bay County Jail, her husband Lenward Gilliam is being held in Marion County, Ohio.

Investigators say Lenward Gilliam had sex with two juveniles, one for about seven months, the other for about two years.

They say Amanda Gilliam knew about her husband's activity and helped conceal it from authorities.

The couple allegedly left the state when Ft. Walton Beach Police originally tried to arrest them.

Deputies say they received a tip Wednesday that the Gilliam's were living here.

When they arrested Amanda Gilliam she apparently told them her husband was in Ohio because of his job with a trucking company.

Right now Lenward Gilliam is charged with sexual battery on a child under the age of 16, Amanda Gilliam with child neglect.