Callaway Engineering Firm Releases Report on Veterans Park Odor

CALLAWAY - A new report out from Callaway's hired engineering firm details why there's a toxic odor coming out from the lift station at Veterans Park.

The report from Webster Environmental states that the lift station's odor control system isn't effective for the amount of wastewater collected in Callaway.

County officials previously said Callaway's sewer and collections system is at fault. The lift station at Veterans Park is part of the Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility owned by Callaway, Springfield, Parker, and Bay County.

Bay County is the operator. Callaway city officials believe the new report lets them off the hook for being responsible, but county officials say that's not the case.

"Any thought of Callaway as a single entity being responsible for damage and odor at that lift station has to be off the table at this point," said Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott.

"We can't ignore the fact that there's something causing the problem. We need to get to the route of the problem and I believe that's within their system," said Bay County Commissioner Bill Dozier.

AWT members were scheduled to meet next week to decide who is financially responsible for the lift station.

That meeting is postponed until engineering firms from both sides can discuss their findings.