Callaway Hires Environmental Firm

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CALLAWAY - There's a new development in the on-going dispute between Bay County and Callaway over a sewage lift-station at Veterans Park. The lift station has been leaking hydrogen sulfide, a smelly gas that could be harmful. Callaway officials are hiring some experts to come up with a total repair plan.

During Tuesday night's commission meeting, Callaway Commissioners voted to hire an environmental firm, Webster Environmental of Lousiville, Kentucky, to study the lift station, and the city's pipe and collections system to pinpoint a hydrogen sulfide leak.

The cities of Parker, Callaway, Springfield, and Bay County own and operate the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility, or AWT, which controls the lift station.

Callaway Mayor Thomas Abbott had this to say, "The good news is, after all these years our thought is awt has made a decision to fix that lift station and we're all gonna benefit from that. Now, what AWT has to go back and do with these engineering reports is decide what exactly needs to be fixed, what perhaps led to these issues because we don't want it happen again. So to have that engineer come in and give us that us that report is critically important towards the fix and how to pay for it."

Callaway and County officials each claim the other is responsible for repairing the current lift station leak. Callaway officials say Webster is the best environmental odor control engineering company in the country.

Abbott added, "These guys are second to none. We expect them to do come in and do their work in a professional way, present it in a professional way and then we'll know as an AWT group on how to proceed."

Callaway hopes Webster officials can be in town by the end of this week. Their study should be complete by the next AWT meeting at the end of the month.

Even after they identify the lift station problems, the awt members will still have to decide who will pay for the repairs.