Callaway Residents Face Brown Water Problem

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CALLAWAY - Callaway homeowners are complaining about brown water Wednesday evening. One of the city's water pipes froze over and it's turning more than a thousand residents' water brown.

Residents in Callaway are dealing with a lot more than ice. Some, like Bill Gorman, turned on their kitchen sink Wednesday morning to find brown water.

"It looks like to me it's beyond boiled water. This is really nasty water and with people working and my concern is kids are at home because schools are closed and they might not notice it," said Gorman.

Callaway city officials say their phones have been ringing off the hook about the problem. They say a pilot valve at the city's water booster station froze and that's what's turning a lot of residents water brown.

"Well we've been getting calls all the way from Sandy Creek to Tyndall. It's basically everyone," said Oscar Martinez, Callaway's Utilities Superintendent.

Natalie Wood is also dealing with the problem.

"Well my mom was washing dishes and she told me to come here and I said. 'ew that's gross,'" said Wood.

City officials are covering up the pipes with tarps and wrapping them with heated coils to protect from the cold.

"This is not something that's very common but because of the freeze, we had the pilot valve stuck in a certain position and then the valve wouldn't close," said Martinez.

Martinez says it could be a few days before the city's water is back to normal.

City officials are urging residents to be on alert and check their tap water.
They say boiling the tap water will not solve the problem. One recommendation is to invest in some bottled water.