Callaway's Deliquent Water Bills is More Than Half a Million Dollars

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CALLAWAY-- Callaway City Commissioner Bob Pelletier said the city needs to be held more diligent about it's money.

"There's no money missing. It's not an issue of money missing, it's an issue of delinquent accounts," said Bob Pelletier, Callaway Commissioner.

Pelletier is concerned about the collection of the delinquent utility bills. The city reported more than $500,000 in accounts receivable at the end of 2013.

"We do have a random sample every year being done by our auditor but we are asking for a deeper audit of the water, the utility accounts to our residents and the commercial accounts."

Pelletier said part of the problem is the commissioners' lack of financial experience. He also thinks the city should hold customers more accountable.

"And look at the current delinquency account and then probably make a motion to call for maybe additional deposits, maybe deposits for people that are delinquent more than a couple at a time."

Commissioners are also considering the replacement of some water meters. They're reconsidering an automatic two and a half percent city water and sewer rate increase, to coincide with increases from Bay County.

They're also trying to schedule another meeting about the conflict over the Advanced Wastewater Treatment Cherry Street lift station repairs. Commissioners said they want to schedule more employee training on Springbrook software.

That's the software they use to manage the city.