Camo Dreams Take Special Needs Kids on Hunting Trips

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MARIANNA - A local TV star from the Outdoors Channel is making dreams come true.

Panama City's Tombo Martin of "Buck Commander" and Derek Fussell, founder of Camo Dreams are teaming up to help children with disabilities experience a one-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience.

Derek Fussell started Camo Dreams Incorporated in 2004.

"I wanted to do something that involved hunting that I enjoy and kids that I enjoy," said Derek Fussell, Camo Dreams Inc., President.

The Florida non-profit takes terminally ill children on all-expense-paid hunting trips.

Fussell said, "It's grown from a kid and a parent to the entire family."

The organization itself has grown as well.

Buck Commander television star, Tombo Martin, partnered with Fussell a few years ago to help expand their reach to kids across the country.

Martin said, "Your heart just explodes when you see a kid smile that maybe in pain or may never have another chance to do this."

In the last 10 years, Camo Dreams has sponsored 22kids on hunting trips.

"We take kids on whatever type of dream adventure they want to do outdoors," said Fussell.

Kalee Guin, a sixth grader with cerebral palsy, drove down from Mississippi to shoot her first buck.

Her mother had been keeping the trip a secret for 4 months.

Camo Dreams is now affiliated with "Kids Outdoors" which connects with children's hospitals across America.