Campaign Signs

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Election season may be over but remnants of candidates still line the streets of Panama City.

In an election cycle, the closer it gets to the election day the more signs go out. In the beginning, it's just a few then it gets to be more and more and soon it just gets to be they're all over the place.

Most are gone a few days after the the election.

Scott Hair, Bay County Code Enforcement Manager said, "Normally we don't have a problem with people leaving a lot of signs out after an election. People are responsible and get their signs."

"Now that the election is over with City and County officials say that candidates will have a select amount of time to remove campaign signs from public property."

Bay County Code Enforcement Manager Scott Hair says there is a sign regulation ordinance for Bay County.

"They have seven days from the election to have them removed so the days started counting today. So seven days from today if they're not removed then we will start removing them" says Hair.

Hair explains most of the left-over signs are just oversights.

"Sometimes people will forget they have one up on a road that's not well traveled and we'll wind up having to pull those."

But those that seem to refuse to remove their signs could facing fines of up to $100 per sign.

Hair says requirements like this will help prevent safety concerns.

"So if you did not have a requirement like this on the books then some people could choose to leave their signs out there and it impedes the mowing of the right of way and all kind of issues."

Bay County, Panama City and Lynn Haven all have similar ordinances requiring the removal of campaign signs.

The state law gives candidates 10-days to remove signs.

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