Cancer Patient Searches for Lost Ring

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After 42 years of marriage, Sally and Johnny Lee can still barely take their eyes off each other, even through Sally's ongoing battle against cancer.
Sally and Johnny met in high school, while they were both on family camping trips at Porter Pond, just north of Panama City.
"During high school years, we thought we had it made,” Sally Lee laughed. “So, he had a real good job at Winn Dixie, making $30 a week as a bag boy. So, we ran away and got married."
They still had to finish high school, but after graduation they married again.
More than twenty years later Johnny gave Sally a second ring.
"After dinner I gave it to you," Johnny said.
And she had not taken it off since.
"It was a beautiful ring. It had a diamond marquee in the center and two diamond marquees on the side. It was solid gold and I've worn it everyday."
Last year, Sally was diagnosed with stage 3B ovarian cancer.
The couple travels to Birmingham every month for chemotherapy.
"I'm going through chemo indefinitely,” said Sally. “But that's ok. Every day's a precious gift and we take it. You can't take anything for granted."
On their most recent trip, Sally lost her ring in the Sam's Club parking lot in Dothan.
They are both hopeful the ring will turn up and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.
"We've had a wonderful life together. I'll be ok as long as my family will be ok. My children, grandchildren, and especially my teddy bear."

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