Cape San Blas Lighthouse Journeys to Port St. Joe

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PORT ST. JOE-- The historic Cape San Blas Lighthouse is just off-site its new home Tuesday evening.

Crews moved the lighthouse and several of its structures 12 miles Tuesday from the Cape to George Core Park in Port St. Joe.

The move was possible because of local, state and federal efforts.

Crews began the eight hour trek into town Tuesday morning by first clearing the way. The first to go down, power lines.

The 12 mile journey was an effort to save the nearly two century old lighthouse.

"Preservation of the lighthouses was paramount and that's what led them to transfer it," Mayor of Port St. Joe Mel Magidson Jr. said.

The lighthouse that stood at the Cape guided mariners for more than 160 years, but for the lighthouse it was far from safe.

"It was getting dangerously close to falling into the Gulf," Magidson said.

The lighthouse isn't the only structure moved from the Cape. Two keepers quarters and a shed also made the journey to safer ground.

It's a move tourism official say is important to preserve the history of the Port St. Joe community.

"All of the buildings the two keepers quarters, the shed, and the lighthouse are very much a part of our history, so we'll be able to communicate that with people, that last few years we haven't been able to," Gulf Co. TDC Executive Director Jennifer Jenkins said.

Mayor Magidson said this move was endorsed by just about everyone in the community.

"I would say the community is 99 percent behind it,"

One reason for the high approval rate, "We pledged not to use Port St. Joe budget money, tax revenue, property tax revenue to do this," Magidson said

Magidson also believes it will be a huge tourist magnet.

City officials say the move went extremely well. They plan to raise the lighthouse next week. The entire project cost $660,000.