Cape San Blas Lighthouse Receives Much Needed Relief

The Cape San Blas lighthouse is getting a bit of relief from the ever shrinking shoreline made worse this year by tropical storm Isaac. Crews contracted through Eglin Air Force Base moved the old lighthouse keeper's cottage Tuesday about 100 feet inland, a temporary solution for the coastal erosion problem.

Supporters of the Cape San Blas lighthouse have been fighting against beach erosion for several decades.

"When we first got involved with it, the keeper's quarters known as Sleeping Beauty was down further on the Gulf," said St. Joseph Historical Society President, Charlotte Pierce. "On high tide, the water would literally run through the bottom floor."

Tuesday, crews moved the lighthouse keeper's cottages about 100 feet farther away from the Gulf. The bulk of the responsibility falling on Eglin Air Force Base.

"We saw what Isaac did and we lost basically the road in front of it," said Maria Rodriguez of Eglin Air Force Base. "We need to protect these houses, these structures, they're historic."

Officials are hoping the temporary move will buy them some time.

Members of the St. Joseph Historical Society are still planning to raise money to move the historial structures into the downtown Port St. Joe area. They believe they will have the funds to make the move within the next 6 months.

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