Cash Incentive for Bus Driver Applicants

PANAMA CITY - Bay District School officials are trying to attract bus driver applicants with an incentive.

Board members approved giving applicants $100 after they complete their training to become a bus driver. Transportation officials say they are struggling to have back up drivers.

They currently have 127 drivers for all the different bus routes and officials would like to employ at least a dozen substitute drivers.

"The sub pool is down and so when we have somebody that's sick and out, it's sometimes difficult to get somebody out there. There are times when we have to split a route and we hate doing that," said Bob Downin, Transportation Director for Bay District Schools.

The bonus would help pay for finger printing fees and other background check items that applicants used to pay for. They have to spend 40 hours in a classroom, identify 65 parts of the bus, and take several tests before they can get on the road.