Catch The New Attraction to Thunder Beach

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Panama City Beach, FL-- Thunder Beach always has it's share of head-turning motorcycles.

But there's one bike this year that's captured everyone's attention, you can't miss Una Mimnah's bike, she's been riding it three and a half stories above the ground, since 2004.

"So Sara Young and I were doing the act for about four years, five years and just this year we had McKenzie come with us so know I feel like we have a full, like a really all girl stunt show team and we're really excited to have a great year and do a lot of cool rallies."

It's rare to see someone ride a motorcycle across a tightrope, even rarer to see three girls performing the stunts as Una explains,

"What's unique about us is that I own it. I am probably the only woman in the world who owns one and I have an all female crew. So we are the only all female crew working this act in the world and we are also the only ones working motorcycle rallies."

And Una wants to keep being first, coming up with new ways to push the stunt bike barriers,

"But the next thing I would want is a new bike that did a wheelie up the wire. So we would somehow have to rig that so that the trapeze can stay on the wire while the front end of the bike goes up a wheelie on an incline. Which is coming, if not in 2014 then 2015, it's coming."

One can only dare to dream.