Caught in a Rip Current

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It has been a week full of high risk rip currents in our area.
We want everyone, both residents and tourists, to know what to look for when they head down to the beach for the afternoon.
Single red flags are flying over Bay County beaches.
Now that you are allowed back in the water there are some things you can be on the lookout for.
"We ask that people do an assessment of the situation,” said Meteorologist Jim Loznicka. “Get a feel for any currents out there. The second thing you want to do is look for a change in the color of the water."
Loznicka says to avoid the darker areas because that is where the rip currents are.
Rip currents are caused by shifting sands below the water, if you get caught in one it will pull you away from the shore.
You should swim parallel to the beach until you are out, trying to swim against the current will exhaust and trap you.
"We ask that trained professionals usually stick to the saving process, but if you've go to grab somebody, grab them around the torso so they're kicking away from you and you drag them into shore," said Loznicka.
He says to remember during red flags, knee high is too high.
"Stay towards the sandbar, where you're at least knee deep the whole time."