Two Dogs Killed in Auto Repair Shop Fire

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CEDAR GROVE - State Fire Marshal's Investigators say an electrical short is responsible for a fire at a Cedar Grove automotive repair shop.

The fire destroyed Norris Auto Parts and Walker Muffler Shop Thursday morning at the corner of East Avenue and East 15th Street.

People working nearby say the fire was unlike anything they'd ever seen.

"Lots of smoke the road was closed. The business that we are working, we couldn't access it and if we could it was too smoky to even do any work," said Rex Moye, Witness.

Two dogs inside of the building alerted a man, who was working in a back office.

"Fortunately so often is the case that the pets actually alerted the occupant of the fire itself. The homeowners were able to make it out," said Marcus Vigil, Battalion Chief Bay Co. Fire.

The man took the dogs with him as he fled, but the animals ran back inside.

Unfortunately they did not make it out alive.

A woman living in a trailer nearby also escaped safely.

As for the businesses, they're a total loss.

Chief Vigil said, "As far as salvageable material inside the main structure, very little is salvageable material. He had a Corvette and a couple of Barracuda and some antique vehicles that unfortunately suffered a lot of damage."

Officials say a Sheriffs Deputy was transported and released from the hospital for minor smoke inhalation.

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