Cedar Grove Kindergarten Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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PANAMA CITY- This week's Golden Apple winner teaches kindergarten at Cedar Grove Elementary. Libby Leyh was nominated by a parent who writes: "She is really good with her students. She always takes time when parents have concerns. My daughter just loves her and so do I."

"You really have to have your heart in it," said Ms. Leyh. Spend just a few minutes in Ms. Leyh's kindergarten classroom and it's clear, her heart is here. "She is a phenomenal teacher, you know it takes a special teacher to be a kindergarten teacher," said Principal Phillip Campbell of Cedar Grove Elementary.

From stations that incorporate computers, to chants about math, it seems there is always something exciting going on. "I feel like if you use songs and chants and technology all those things, they get them excited and it's fun and they are learning and they don't realize it. It becomes a cheer that is stuck in their head. I just like using different ways to teach," said Libby Leyh.

For about 2/3rds of these kindergartners this is their first school experience, which means consistency is key. "They have a routine, they know it and she is the leader of the band. She does a wonderful job with those students," said Principal Campbell. "She is fun," said Sylvia. "She is good to us and we do sentences," said James Collins. "My teacher is the best," said Keara Russ.

Congratulations to Libby Leyh, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "They just bring you up every day. For a lot of us this is our home away from home and I want it to feel that way for them too."