Changes Possibly Coming to Wausau Post Office

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WAUSAU The Wausau Post Office in Washington County may soon see some changes. The US Postal Service recently surveyed customers asking their opinion about changes to the facility, which is currently under review.

That review is called "Post-Plan". It looks at reducing the operating hours at small postal facilities, or closing them altogether.

Last Thursday--- a town hall meeting was set up with a postal service representative scheduled to discuss the survey results, but that person never showed up.

"He was very sorry that they had overlooked being here,” said Postmaster Alma Harvey. “They are just concerned because they want it to stay open and would like to have the normal hours that they have now. If it closes, they would have to go to Vernon or Chipley, it’s quite a distance."

Under the new changes, the post office would operate six hours each weekday. They'll schedule a new town hall meeting sometime next month.