Changes To Rescue Mission

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Panama City's Rescue Mission could soon have changes in day to day operations including stricter guidelines for the so-called "habitually homeless."

Billy Fox of the Rescue Mission says his organization has received a lot of criticism in recent years.

"We've been pretty liberal with the population that are habitual. That's what's caused us all the police problems. That's what's caused us a bad reputation," said Fox.

Fox claims roughly 18% of the population staying in the mission are habitually homeless, but beginning early January, guidelines will be placed on those using the mission's resources.

"We'll still never let anyone freeze or starve to death, but we're not going to offer them never do anything with their life opportunities," said Fox.

Fox says people staying in the mission will be put on structured programs, tailored to their needs, which will help them prove they are working towards goals.

"Once they're done, they're done and they'll have no where else to turn. Thy either get to it or they get on down the road," said Fox.

He believes this will also free up resources for those in need.

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