Changes for Selecting Walton County’s Superintendent

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Like most counties in Florida, Walton County currently elects it's schools superintendent.

The Walton County Taxpayers Association believes appointing a superintendent makes more sense.

"We really think this severely affects the available candidates,” said Dr. Don Riley, President of the Walton County Taxpayers Association. “If we were to appoint as oppose to elect, then we could expand it to a national search."

The taxpayers group raised the issue during Tuesday’s School Board meeting.

Current Superintendent Carlene Anderson has already served over three terms in that position.

"I would like to get the standards raised, but I am also crossed between that people need to have the right to choose their superintendent of schools,” stated Anderson.

Anderson isn't worried about her own future.

She's already decided this will be her last term.

But the taxpayers believe moving to an appointed position will attract more qualified candidates.

Right now the law only requires the elected superintendent to have a high school diploma.

"There are much higher requirements for teachers and principals, people that this position supervises than exist for her office,” stated Riley. “We thought this is something we need to bring up for discussion.”

Florida is one of three states that still elects superintendents.

As for Anderson she says after her last campaign she promised her family it would be her last.