Changing the World One Cup at a Time

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Marianna- There was plenty of incentive for Tyler Ford to start his business, Satellite Republic Coffee Company- "Coffee is a huge commodity. Second most traded commodity in the world behind crude oil" Ford explained.

But he also told us he was not selling an average cup of Joe- it's coffee with a cause.

"The reason we created Satellite Republic Coffee Company is so that we can take the profits, or a portion of the profits, and give [to missions'] so that the missions' organization doesn't have to go around a beg for money."

Missions like "GAP" out of Jackson, Georgia, which has been building a 144 child orphanage off Africa's Ivory Coast.

"Right now15 girls are there" Ford said. "They came in tattered clothes, they showed up on a bus- and now they are going to school, they're being fed"

Ford has been shipping his ground coffee beans daily to the piggy wiggly stores in Bluntest, Bristol and Post St. Joe. And the bags have been flying off store shelves.

"We have yet to get a pay check out of this, but we are sending money to the orphanage" he told us.

With clever marketing, Ford has kept his mission at the forefront of customers minds- for every online order purchased customers get a free leather bracelet. That way, when the caffeine wears off, the cause won't.

"Our vision is to partner with other orphanages, other missions that are trying to build orphanages." His vision was clear and his motto was simple: "You wake up to premium coffee in the morning and you go to bed knowing you changed the world."

Satellite Republic Coffee beans come from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Ethiopia with some blends available in decaf. To order, visit:

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