Charges in Dog Mauling Upgraded to Manslaughter

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The Bay County Sheriff’s Office will place additional charges on the owner of the bulldogs that attacked seven year old Tyler Jett on last week.

Jett was attacked by two 70 pound bulldogs at around 2:45 p.m. outside his home on Kelly Court in Callaway. He passed away Sunday at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

BCSO Investigators charged Edward Daniels, owner of the dogs, with manslaughter Monday.

Daniels is currently in the Bay County Jail for tampering with evidence. Investigators believe Daniels washed his dogs after the attack on Jett to remove the child’s blood from the dog’s face and paws.

Daniels will face first appearance Tuesday for the charge of Manslaughter.


7 year old Tyler Jett died early Sunday morning at Sacred Heart in Pensacola 5 days after he was mauled by two bull dog mixes in his own front yard.

Daniels is already on jail on charges of evidence tampering for wiping the blood from one of the dog’s face and paws moments after the mauling took place. He’s been unable to raise the $50,000 bond.

Formal paperwork is being drawn up to bring the manslaughter charge into court. We have been told that will happen later Monday.

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