Charity Ride Aimed at Raising Money for Crimestoppers

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Saturday’s charity ride was aimed at raising money for Crimestoppers.

Bay county sheriff's deputies and Panama City Beach Police led the sea of bikes for a 45-minute beach ride.

All riders paid a fee anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars to participate and that money goes directly to the organization.

Crimestoppers officials want to raise awareness about what they do and who they are in the community.

"Well this is all about riding. Riders love to ride and this is one way we figured out we can help the community,” said Marta Rose, Harely Davidson employee.

"we're trying to be creative as we possibly can ad come up with some creative fun ways to engage the community in our mission,” said Rusty Russell, Crimestoppers organizer.

After the ride everyone got to enjoy a rock concert and food.