Chattanooga Star Moves to New Home

Tall Stacks 2003

An old style paddle wheel boat stopped in Panama City on its way to a new home.

The Chattanooga Star was originally built in Chattanooga in 1982 by Mike Hosemann, his brother and his father.

It originally served as a dinner cruise and excursion boat capable of carrying 150 passengers.

After it was retired in 2005, a vandal set it on fire and the entire inside was gutted .

It is now about half way to its new home.

"It needs painting and a lot of tender loving care, but she runs good. Everything is operational. We're half way there and we've come 900 hundred miles almost half way there of a 2,080," said Mike Hosemann, Captain of the Chattanooga Star.

The trip will end in Charleston, South Carolina and the restoration is expected to take 18 months.

No word on what its new job will be.