Cherry Street Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches kindergarten at Cherry Street Elementary School in the Cove. Mrs. Kimberly Nix was nominated by a parent who says she is an excellent communicator, keeping parents up to date on everything they need to know to help their child succeed.

On this Valentines Day, it's clear Mrs. Nix has a special place in the hearts of her students. "She is like a beautiful, wonderful teacher to my heart," said one kindergartner. "I like Mrs. Nix because she helps me with my numbers and my sentences," said another. "My favorite part of school is Mrs. Nix and my friends." "I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to see children learn and it gives me an opportunity to be part of that growth," said Mrs. Nix.

Colleagues call her a master communicator who exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond. "She has written several and been awarded grants, outside of her classroom there are vegetable gardens for the kindergartners, that is the type of thing she spends her summer doing," said Principal Carol Rine.

A recently awarded grant enabled Mrs. Nix to purchase portable CD players and books that go home with students each night. "The neat thing about this is our students can be read to without a parent. So if after a long day mom says "I'm not reading to you," they call pull out the CD player and still be read to," said Mrs. Nix. In a way, it's as if her students get to take her home with them. She knows that home is a place where many of them face different challenges. "She helped establish a benevolent fund for some of our poorest students in the school," explained Principal Rine.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kimberly Nix, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "It is very rewarding when you sit down at then end of the year and you reflect on how young they were and you see that growth."