Chief Whitman Introduces an Educational Journal on Drugs

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- The Panama City Beach Police Department wants to keep your kids off drugs.

The department is hoping a new education journal will help teach local students how to make smart decisions.

Each year local law enforcement shows students some of the reasons they love their job. But this year Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman is introducing another tool.

One he hopes will help students take a cold hard look at the facts when it comes to taking drugs.

"All the different drugs are in here and it just breaks it down how it can affect your brain, how it can affect your thinking process, how it can make you do things you normally wouldn't do when you're in a sober state of mind," said Chief Drew Whitman.

It's an educational journal, Whitman says he'll use to first target middle schoolers.

"Most of that peer pressure comes in that sixth, seventh, and eighth that's a real hard time," said Whitman.

"A lot of things we don't think our children get into they find out from their friends or other people so i think it's a good idea to hit it early," said middle school parent, Shante Holmes.

He says drug abuse is seen in kids of all ages. "I've seen a lot of smart kids through my 27 years in law enforcement that were very intelligent people who get hooked on to drugs and the drop out of school," said Whitman.

One local mom is in favor of the journal. She also says her oldest daughter can serve as a role model for her younger sister.

"You know having a sister who was there and went through it and did not go in that direction can kind of help her," said Holmes.

"There's information here not just for the kids, but for the parents. I would recommend the parents read it. It tells them what to look for if there kids are on drugs, signs to look for, how they can help or who they can go to talk to," adds Whitman.

Chief Whitman says there are over 1,000 copies published. He hopes the kids will use the journal as a reminder of the serious effects drugs can have on someone's life.