Child Listed As Very Critical After Callaway Dog Attack

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A 7 year old child is in very critical condition after being mauled by a two bull dogs in a Callaway neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Bay County Ambulance crews rushed the child to the trauma Unit at Bay Medical Sacred Heart around 3:00pm.

Witnesses tell NewsChannel 7 the boy was bleeding so badly from the attack that he had passed out in the back yard of his home from a rapid loss of blood.

Two paramedics worked feverishly on the child as the ambulance sped its way to the hospital. They were able to get his heart re-started and get a slight pulse.

The boy, identified publicly as "Tyler" was life-flighted by AirHeart from Bay Medical Sacred Heart to Sacred Heart in Pensacola last evening.
He is still listed as critical.

We have learned the dogs were neighborhood dogs and did not belong to the boy or his family. Neighbors told NewsChannel 7 the two dogs had a long history of causing problems in the neighborhood.

The two dogs believed involved in the attack are currently being held by Bay County Animal Control. The owner of the dogs is being questioned by investigators with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. He denies earlier reports from eye witnesses that the animals were pit bulls. He says they are bull dogs. The investigation is ongoing and charges are possible.

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