Chipley Am-Vets Post 7 Honors Vets with BBQ Lunch

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Chipley- For members of the Am-vets Post 7 in Chipley, the small building off Highway 90 was more than just a meeting hall.

"This is our house for the Am-vets Post 7 and we're all family" said post commander, William Arndt. "We've got the Ladies Auxiliary, there a big part of us. And the Sons of Veterans, they're a big part of us. If we don't have them two it would be kind of hard to run this post.

And Monday at the post was more special than most. Members of the Ladies Auxiliary made food for the group to enjoy.

"We just want them to know that we care about them and we appreciate what they've done for us" said Sherri Yelvington, President of the Ladies Auxiliary.

Members told us the building was more than just Post 7, it was a home. And inside the home was one big family who shared good times and helped heal wounds.

14 year old Nicholas Meredith has grown up going to the post. He said, "I always came with my dad. I met everybody here. And when he passed away, I still came with my brother. I feel like I'm home here, like his presence is here."

For others, Post 7 was a place where they could deal with the conflicts they all had in common.

"You can be open and talk to anyone- any of us, we listen. We'll fuss too, just like anybody else. But that's what we're here for, just a hug. Sometimes that makes you feel better" Yelvington said.

But she and Arndt both agreed more veterans services were needed to help process the emotions of going to war.
"There needs to be more for our guys who are coming home now even. They're having a hard time" Yelvington explained. "The ones who have families we need to be helping those families. A lot of them are coming in, they're hurt. And it's not just physical, it's mental."

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