Chipley Police Bust Scam

Chipley police say they've stopped a scam aimed at ripping-off a family in Mt. Pleasant, New York.

Someone called the elderly victim, told them their grandson was in jail in Mexico, and they needed the send $25,000 to free him.

The victim told Mt. Pleasant police they were instructed to send the money to an address in Chipley.

Chipley police staked out the UPS store.

They say 62 year old Allen Bassin of Alford and 36 year old Rhinnone Mclemore of Fountain showed up to claim the package of money.

After questioning they say Bassin finally admitted he was supposed to send the package back to a Vermont address.

Officers booked him into the Washington County Jail on drug possession charges, but they say they don't have enough evidence to charge either suspect in connection with the scam.

The money's being returned to the 85 year old victim.