Chipley to Undergo $20,000 Worth of Repairs During CSX Cross Tie Replacement Project

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Chipley- Not everyone in Chipley was on board with the 80 mile CSX cross tie replacement project running through Jackson, Washington and Holmes counties. Particularly local handy man Kelly White, who had been waiting quite a while to cross the tracks on his bike when we met him.

"It's holding me up from from being on the other side where my money [job] is" White said."[If] You hear the train you better tear out! Don't be standing there talking to someone about their job because the train is going to stop- you're going to catch it."

Many trains have been running on different schedules and slower due to the construction. And project managers like Road Master, Michael Cox were well aware of the frustration it was causing residents.

"They've got to realize we've got to take these cross ties out and put the new once in. I know it's an inconvenience" Cox said.

But the news coming down the track wasn't optimist. Cox told us the 'inconvenience' would likely get worse as crews moved toward Pecan Street over the next two weeks.

"It's not going to be a quick fix" he said. "We usually tear them out and we're usually only dealing with one track. At this particular scenario, we've got three tracks and I'm pulling it all up this time. That will take the road crossing out a little longer than our two to three day schedule."

Cox said all in all the project on Pecan Street would probably take weeks and roughly $20,000. But he told us the repairs could save dollars and lives in the future.

"We do haul hazardous materials" Cox explained, "and trains are big. And when they hit, their going somewhere and they hit hard. Like I said, it's an inconvenience but it's a safety thing. You think about a train derailing, and I know you've heard other instances, but it's wiped out whole towns. We do not want that. That's what we're trying to prevent. So this is a must- we have to do this."
Cox said several detours would be set up to help citizens navigate around the area quickly and safely.

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