Chipola College Brain Bowl to Challenge Ivy League Opponents

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Marianna- "Integrate respect to X the integral of X^2dX from 0 to 2"
Brain Bowl coach Stan Young said at Monday's practice.

For many, his math question might as well have been asked in a foreign language. Lucky for Katelyn Miller, it was a language she spoke. After scribbling some notes, she buzzed, "eight- thirds."

"Calculus is probably what I can do the quickest" she said. And it was a good thing, Miller's teammates would be depending on her speedy mental math when the group takes on their Ivy League rivals, Harvard, Yale, Brown and Stanford April 12- 13 in Chicago for the Intercollegiate Championship.

"If I neg I could lose the game for us" Miller said of the stress of the competition. "If I get it right, I could win the game for us. It get pretty high [stress] sometimes."

She shared the stress with eight other teammates, like Paul Kelson, nicknamed 'The Truth' for his astounding accuracy.

"Young says I'm like, the best community quiz bowl player in the country" Kelson said telling us how he acquired his nickname.

Young explained how his team's accomplishments were an important lesson for the Panhandle community, and others like it across the country.

"You can find intelligent people everywhere. We're in this small community. We're in a school of just over 2 thousand people and were competing with the ivy league schools. It just goes to show you that intelligence can come from anywhere. If you take that and put in a lot of hard work- prepare yourself- it just kind of show's you what you can do" Young said.

The Chipola champs told us practice was tough and that it was even harder to play. But at the end of the day, "we're not all just academic nerds sitting in our rooms all night reading our school books" Miller laughed. "We have a lot of fun."

The team became the first team in Florida to win the State Championship six years in a row.

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