Chipola College Welcomes Special Guest Speaker

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JACKSON COUNTY-- Chipola College staff and students set the tone for the upcoming school year Monday during the fall con-vocational event.
Administrators welcomed new instructors, awarded staff and discussed 10 year enhancement plans.

Dr. Jason Hurst wants his first full year as Chipola College president to get off on a positive note, by motivating his staff. "I want them to think about their purpose at Chipola College. I want them to think about the purpose of the students we serve at Chipola College, and find ways to better serve those students," said Dr. Jason Hurst, Chipola College President.

Dr. Hurst enlisted the help of someone with a powerful, personal story, the Orlando Magic's Director of Business development Lucas Boyce.

"I'm gonna try and hopefully share some life lessons that are very, very important. Most of which is character, building a great team, encouraging and empowering one another and believing in what's possible," said Lucas Boyce, Guest Speaker.

Boyce grew up in the foster care system on the white house staff of President George W. Bush. Boyce used his own story of triumph to inspire others.

"They can in turn share that with their students because if their students can believe that they are built for something more, it doesn't matter what they'll face."

"I want to encourage them that no matter who they encounter or what situations they encounter in the classroom, that they are the bridge
between somebody being the next President of the United States or being a U.S senator or being a teacher like them, or going backwards."

Boyce was also the guest speaker for a Jackson County School Board staff development event.