Chipola Family Ministries Thanksgiving Food Drive

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Marianna- The holiday season has long been a particularly trying time for families in need, and the food banks trying to meet those needs.

"We were hoping to raise enough funds to buy turkeys for all of our clients, and we were able to do that," Chipola Family Ministries Director, Fred Cook said. But, he also said the food bank's holiday needs were far from met.

"We should be able to help our clients with turkey this year, but we really need everything that goes with a turkey. We need can peas, corn, we need rice, we need beans, and anything else that you might have on your table this time of year."

Thursday, Cook was busy unloading a truck full of donated potatoes.
"I just returned from picking up 2000 pounds of potatoes. So this year, we will have potatoes to go with our turkeys, for the most part anyway," he said.

The potatoes were divided into ten pound bags, which meant 200 families would get a bag full of potatoes. But, that left 300 local families who would not.

"The people in Jackson County do respond well," Cook said. "If they know the need, they will fill the need here in Jackson County."

He told us the area's generosity had certainly rang true in the years past.

"Last year was probably the most awesome year we've had at the ministry center," he said. "We were able to help over 20,000 people. We distributed over 322,000pounds of food."

Cook said he was hoping to beat that record this year.

Chipola Family Ministries is located at:
3004 Highway 71 Marianna, Florida

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