Chipola Hosts High School Brain Bowl

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Marianna- Thursday, the Chipola College Brain Bowl team hosted their 8th annual high school brain bowl tournament. It had been a while since the team had been on the other side of the buzzer

"They get to kind of see the tournament form the perspective of the officials. Which I always think is a good thing. Its a good thing. In the end, it helps their game play" said coach Stan Young.

Young called it learning, but some players just called it a nice break from the hot seat.

"It's more entertaining because I get to mess with students more. They don't usually expect a wacky reader, so I like just coming in and talking to them" Chipola Brain Bowl Player, William Singleton said laughing.

Young said the tournament was a great way to recruit future Brain Bowl members to his heavily awarded team.

The Chipola team set the state record with six straight wins, and won the community college championship for the third year in a row. Chipola's victory at state set another record when they beat Valencia 915 to 50- the largest margin in state finals history.

"Our biggest accomplishment is we finally made the championship bracket in the four year college tournament in Chicago."

Chipola came in seventh against ivy league rivals such as Harvard, Yale and MIT to name a few.

After a day of brain bowling with the big leagues- we asked Marianna High School senior Blake Benton if he planned to play college: "Maybe. Yeah, probably- I like it."

Young said the team would practice some over the summer and go back to their regular three times a week schedule in the fall.

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