Choctawhatchee River Approaches Major Flood Stage

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Rising flood waters forced Ebro resident Sam Simmons to reach his houseboat by boat Sunday. Spilling well over its banks, the Chockatawhatchee River completely surrounded his other means of transportation.

"Sunday morning woke up and the parking lot was completely under water. Truck was sitting out in the river," Simmons told NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

The situation was just as serious over the weekend in Caryville. Ginny Lewis showed NewsChannel 7 a picture of water washing over the Caryville Bridge.

"It was pretty bad," Lewis said.

Heavy rains to our north last week are to blame for the extremely high waters. The Chocktawhatchee was expected to crest Sunday at 15-16 feet, bringing it nervously close to major flood stage.

This isn't the first time the river has flooded, and it's not been the worst. But even with the threat of rising waters, most residents along the Chockatwhatchee don't seem concerned enough to leave, understanding it's what comes with the territory.

"Everybody knows to get their stuff out if they want it," said Simmons.

"So this is something that you guys prepare for and that you understand is a part of living near water?" Anderson asked Simmons.

"Yes, part of it,"

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