Church Members Come Together to Dry Out Oasis Worship Center

“It's about half of what it was last night...We'll turn the lights on and get a better look at this."

Pastor Tommy McCormick knows there is a lot of work ahead. “The water came in the west side of the building and has now flooded across the stage"

Nearly 15 inches of rain water seeped through the side doors of Oasis Worship Center on Front Beach Road fully submerging two thirds of the sanctuary’s sloped floor.

Soaking nearly half the seats and damaging everything it touched.

It's a disheartening sight especially since this space was completely renovated just 3 years ago, transforming it from the old Ocean Opry.

“We had done a lot of extensive remodeling in here and then to have to go back and repair all that and we had so it’s kind of heart sinking but we are going to make it through,” said Pastor McCormick.

There is still about 7 inches of water standing in the sanctuary, but that is not stopping the church from holding services in the building Sunday.

“We are determined, we are going to hold church Sunday if we can get to the beach we will hold church here Sunday morning in another part of the building.”

Congregation members are choosing to see the good, instead of the bad.

“The thought come to me that this is just the material part of the church but the actual church is the body and the member and they are strong,” said Frances Markham.

On the bright side, member Bobby King says, “We are ready for water baptisms; we can use it for that,”

The service is set for 10:30 Sunday morning. If the sanctuary isn't dry yet, Pastor McCormick says they will hold the service in the lobby.