Circus Leaves PCB for Georgia

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PANAMA CITY BEACH -- The circus under the big top in Panama City Beach is wrapping up after three days.

About 10,000 people visited the Cole Brother’s Circus at the Frank Brown Park since it was set up Friday.

Visitors got to see elephants, high-wire daredevils, aerial ballet and of course clowns.

Circus guests were able to choose from one of 8 different show times this weekend.

The last show was this afternoon at 4:30 and should be wrapping up within the hour.

The circus puts on events across the country.

Its next stop is Valdosta, Georgia.

Circus organizer Brent West said, “Everyone is a little tired because they work every day there is no day off in the circus. You work 7 days a week."

Organizers say it takes about four-hours to take everything down.